Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Surrendering to sweet fatigue

I am gassed. Seriously tapped out. Maybe it is the reduction in my caffeine intake, maybe it is  the result of another 3 hour meeting today, or maybe the stress of a minor confrontation this morning. It is a cool rainy day, no sunshine, a day that wants me to curl up with a book or a magazine under a quilt.  Could be PMS, or the I have a to do list that is making me cranky. Don't want to clean the litter box, don't want to clean the bathroom, don't have the energy to write thank you notes or change the water in the fish tank. I could care less about vacuuming up the dog hair or changing the sheets. Don't want to pick up or drop off kids, nor walk the dogs.  I will surrender to sweet fatigue. Cheddar cheese and crackers and a cold beer, a clean cotton quilt, Martha Stewart magazine, sweat pants, no bra. Law and Order reruns in the background and buttered toast and an apple for dinner.

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