Sunday, February 7, 2010

Traveling with dogs

I am staying in a dog friendly hotel in San Francisco and have seen some well traveled canines! A sassy pug named Petunia, perched on her human's lap looked as if she owned the place.  I think a weekend with Dilly and Leo is in my future. At a local bookstore I spotted a book that outlined maps in the Bay Area that were good for a hike with a pooch. Many of the maps included dog friendly establishments along the route where you can sit outside with you friend and enjoy a meal alfresco.Don't think I'd fly with the dogs, but a spring trip to Boston would be fun if I can find the same kind of set up.

Training really needs to begin in earnest next week. He is awfully cute, but also quite awful. I know the problem-- not enough exercise and not enough mental challenges. I am sure he will be a quick student.

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