Sunday, February 7, 2010

Traveling with dogs

I am staying in a dog friendly hotel in San Francisco and have seen some well traveled canines! A sassy pug named Petunia, perched on her human's lap looked as if she owned the place.  I think a weekend with Dilly and Leo is in my future. At a local bookstore I spotted a book that outlined maps in the Bay Area that were good for a hike with a pooch. Many of the maps included dog friendly establishments along the route where you can sit outside with you friend and enjoy a meal alfresco.Don't think I'd fly with the dogs, but a spring trip to Boston would be fun if I can find the same kind of set up.

Training really needs to begin in earnest next week. He is awfully cute, but also quite awful. I know the problem-- not enough exercise and not enough mental challenges. I am sure he will be a quick student.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spring yet?

True to form I have pretty much abandoned this blog this winter. I never was one for keeping a journal, so I guess I have no good habits in this regard. The good news is no one has missed much. Leo is still largely untrained, although he has adjusted to life in our house very well and knows all the routines. I find winter to be such a low energy time; it is hard to find the resources after work is done and the family has been taken care of.