Saturday, October 24, 2009

Leo's first lessons

The pack has already taught Leo some valuable lessons.
  • Don't try to eat of of a bull terrier's bowl at dinner time. Garnet takes endless puppy abuse with calm indifference, but don't mess with her dinner.
  • Don't jump on a sleeping greyhound. Flo Jo's naps are long and deep. She doesn't appreciate being woken rudely.
  • Don't walk in front of me! I am neither nimble or graceful. Dogs need to stay to the left or right or behind me unless they want an accidental boot in the bum.
  • If you leave your pigs ear for even a moment, it is fair game for others.
  • If you growl at another dog or a cat when you are in a human's lap, you will immediately be deposited back on the floor.
Leo is a quick study. The shelter must have done some housebreaking because he seems to "get it". We have 2 crates for him-- one in our bedroom for night time and one in the kitchen for while we are at work or need to keep him contained. He settles right in at night with one tiny squeek. I am sure having Dilly and Flo Jo nearby at night feels comforting.

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