Thursday, October 29, 2009

One of those days...

Garnet quite likes Leo's little crate in the kitchen. She has discovered small remnants of treats on occasion and will stuff herself in and get cozy in there. Once she got in she managed to turn around and enjoyed a little nap.

Leo is happy in his crate in the bedroom at night, but isn't sure about the one in the kitchn. It prevents him from being in on the action.

Today didn't help matters any. I had "one of those days" and the poor little guy ended up cooped up too long. I had a hectic morning and cut our walk short. I left him with his breakfast at 8 am sharp, planning to come home at lunch to let him out and go for a potty break. A meetiong came up, but Devin needed to come back to the house for a few minutes and was able to take him out just before noon. He did his business but didn't get more than a few minutes play time.

At the end of the day I spent too long looking for a wayward teenager and delayed my arrival home by an hour. The pack was ready to get out for a walk! By now it is nearly dark so we had a good romp at the field and a walk around the block before dinner.

Now I am dealing with some serious puppy energy! The big girls can manage an appreviated exercise schedule now and then and are happy to spend the night chilling with me. Not Leo! He has been a whirling dervish-- tormenting the cats,  leaping all over me, bouncing off the girls, and getting into whatever he can. Every minuite I sit down to type I can hear him chewing on non-sanctioned items-- leg of chair, strap on back pack, dog bed.

At least he likes his "wubby"! Wubby is a "kong" encased in nubby fleece with legs like an octopus. I am tossing this across the kitchen in hopes of burning off some of his wildness. Note to self... Loooooong morning walk with dogs tomorrow no matter how dark and cold.
A tired puppy is a good puppy!

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